Bamboleo Claim the Midsummer Cup

Storming success for Bamboleo as they claim victory in the Midsummer Cup over Farrington 8-4.

Lawns played host to the final of the Midsummer Cup this Sunday, 27th August, as Bamboleo took on Farrington for the trophy of this 12-goal tournament. A tightly fought opening chukka saw the teams trade goals between Jimmy Wood for Bamboleo and Glenn Sherriff for Farrington. As they entered the second chukka 2-1 to Bamboleo, the team in red slipped behind with successive goals from opponents Nick Johnson and Jimmy Wood. Glenn Sherriff worked hard to close the gap with two goals for Farrington only to have another scored against his team by rival Jimmy Wood ending the chukka 5-3 to Bamboleo. Unwilling to concede defeat in the third chukka, Marcus Cork scored a fourth goal for Farrington but it wasn’t enough to turn the tide. Josh Cork and Jimmy Wood increased the goal difference to 7-4 for Bamboleo as they entered the final chukka of the Midsummer Cup. The victory was theirs to take as Nick Johnson delivered the final and only goal of the forth chukka, securing the trophy for Bamboleo with a final score of 8-4.

Christian Staubach was thrilled to receive the trophy from Air Charter Services Global Director of private clients, Ollie Foss.

Flowergirl, played by Nick Johnson and ownded by Alan Kent, was awarded the Xzony Best Playing Pony rug.


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