Bandidos Lift the Lodsworth Village Cup

Bandidos lift the Lodsworth Village Cup in 4-2 victory.

The Lodsworth Village 4-Goal Cup final saw Stonehurst take on Bandidos at Ambersham. With a strong start from Tom Dalton-Morgan, Bandidos took an early lead of two goals. Chasing Bandidos, Stonehurst conceived a goal in the second chukka from William Roberts and another in chukka three. Despite a good opposition from Stonehurst, Bandidos stayed strong to the final chukka, ending the match in victory with fourth goal from Harry Muddle to Stonehurst’s two.

Suzie Gould presented the trophy to a delighted Andy Forester and awarded the X-zony Best Playing Pony rug to Daisy, owned and played by Nick Clague.

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