Brecknock Cup Victory for Vendetta


Convincing win for Vendetta as they take the Brecknock Cup trophy 8-5.

Rounding out the weekend, the first of the remaining two finals on Monday 28th August saw spectators treated to a match between Strategic Help for Heroes and Vendetta for the Brecknock Cup at Ambersham. With four goals by Vendetta in the first chukka, Strategic Help for Heroes went into the second on the back foot. Jimmy Wood playing in Back secured his second goal of the match before Matt Evetts replied with a second goal of his own to place the teams at 2-6 for Vendetta on the scoreboard. The third chukka allowed Strategic Help for Heroes to close the gap with two goals from Peter O’Rorke and Edward Morris-Lowe bringing the scores to 4-6. Going into the forth, Matt Evetts conceived his third goal, but was unable to hold back Vendetta from taking victory with goals scored by Maximiliano Fernandez and Nick Clague, ending the final chukka 5-8 to Vendetta.

Ian Kettlewell presented the Brecknock Cup trophy to a delighted Garrie Renucci.

The Xzony Best Playing Pony rug was awarded to Bella played and owned by Nick Clague.



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