Talandracas crowned winners of the Argentine Ambassador’s Cup

The Argentine Ambassadors Cup took place on Sunday the 7th of July, seeing Talandracas take on the Gold Cup first-timers Valhalla, in front of large crowds including guests from the Argentine Embassy, on Lawns 1. 

In the Pink shirts for Talandracas, Alejandro Muzzio (7) wore the number 1 shirt, with Rosendo Torreguitar (5) at 2, Pablo Pieres (10) at 3, and Eduard/ Hugues Carmignac at Back.  Justin MacRae (0) rode out at 1 for his own Valhalla team, with Jack Richardson (6) at 2, Benjamin Panelo (7) at 3, and 8-goaler Alfredo Capella at Back.  

The closely fought game saw incredible play from both teams, keeping the crowds at the edge of their seats, however despite Valhalla’s best efforts Talandracas secured victory in an extra chukka, 12 goals to 11. 

The first chukka saw an attacking start for Valhalla with a trio of goals credited to Cappella and Panelo to start the game, though a goal for Muzzio meant Talandracas joined Valhalla on the scoreboard, with 3 goals to 1. The second saw an incredible push by Talandracas, with four goals by 10-goaler Pieres, leaving them up 5-3 at the end of the second. Valhalla fought back in the third to get two further goals from Panelo and Capella, however Talandracas continued their goal-scoring streak with three more goals to put them ahead 8-5 going into half-time.  

Following a half-time break both teams came back with determination, showing very equal play in the fourth chukka to score a goal apiece. However, in the fifth Valhalla started to close the lead held by Talandracas, with two excellent goals from Panelo and another from Capella, but Talandracas just kept hold of their lead with a goal from Muzzio. With the crowds on the edge of their seats, the last chukka commenced with a goal by Pieres, but Valhalla did not lose hope with a goal by Capella to bring them back into reaching distance, and an unbelievable goal by number 1 MacRae for his Valhalla side to take them into an extra chukka. Despite the outstanding efforts shown by Valhalla to defeat the reigning Queens Cup Victors, it wasn’t quite enough with a goal by Pieres to secure victory, 12-11. 

The Argentine Ambassadors Cup was presented to the delighted father and son duo Eduard and Hugues Carmignac, by Mariana Plaza Ambassador of the Argentine Republic. The Best Playing Pony Rug was presented to ‘Mar Chiquita Júpiter’ owned and played by Ale Muzzio. 

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