SafeRock victorious in the Heyshott Cup

Sunday the 7thJuly, saw SafeRock take on Hickstead in a gripping Heyshott Cup final, on a very rainy Lawns 3. 

Ollie Hancock (-1) wore the number 1 shirt for SafeRock, with Duncan Hotston (1) at 2, 3-goaler Matt Evetts at 3, and Harry Revell (2) at Back. John Bunn (1) rode out at 1 for his Hickstead side, with Pedro Sola (1) at 2, Pedro Ferrero (2) at 3, and Niall Donnelly (3) at Back.  

The first chukka saw a great start by SafeRock with a goal by Duncan Hotston to put them up 2.5- 0 (1.5 starting score due to handicap difference). The second chukka saw a change in momentum for Hickstead with outstanding teamwork to see a goal for Sola, Donnelly, and Bunn to push them ahead 3-2.5 going into half-time.                

With the rain coming down hard Hickstead continued to dominate the third chukka with two further goals, giving them a solid 2.5 goal lead going into the last. With all to play for in the final chukka, an unbelievable turn of tide for SafeRock saw two goals for Hancock and a goal by Revell, though a penalty by Donnelly left the crowds thinking it wouldn’t be quite enough to catch Hickstead. However, a costly foul by Hickstead meant a last-minute successful penalty by Revell, leaving an overjoyed SafeRock victorious 6.5 goals to 6. 

With the sun making a special appearance, the Heyshott cup was presented to Ollie Hanock by their own Andrew Ward. The X-Zony Best Playing Pony rug was presented to ‘Steve’, played and owned by Harry Revell.  

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