The May 4 Goal Spring Cup at Cowdray Park saw Stonehurst take on SafeRock in the Final which took place at Ambersham on Saturday 18th May.

Dominic Jones (0) wore the number 1 shirt for Stonehurst with Ben Sim (1) at number 2, Nick Clague (3) at 3 and William Roberts (0) in the Back position. For SafeRock, Olly Hancock (-1) was positioned at number 1, with Charlie Boher (1) at 2, Duncan Hotston (2) at 3 and Matt Evetts (3) at Back.

The first chukka was dominated by Stonehurst who prevented SafeRock from entering the board with strong defence. Nick Clague put Stonehurst ahead with the first of eight goals for the 3-goaler in this match, swiftly followed up with a second before SafeRock could recover.

Entering the second chukka with a strong lead, Ben Sim scored for Stonehurst to increase the goal difference to 3-0. Working hard to defend, SafeRock were unable to stop some excellent attack from Nick Clague as he scored a fourth and fifth goal for Stonehurst, leaving SafeRock unable to enter the board once again. Before the whistle called time on the second chukka, Charlie Boher replied with a lovely shot on goal to give his team their first goal of the match. Spectators descended on the field at half time as the score read 5-1 to Stonehurst.

The second half of the May 4 Goal Spring Cup Final was barely underway when Nick Clague, ably assisted by his team, scored his fifth goal to widen the lead for Stonehurst. By his 6th goal, Nick Clague and Ben Sim had secured a healthy lead of 7 goals to 1. SafeRock were not giving up and a strong run from Duncan Hotston provided his team with a much needed second goal at the end of the third chukka as scores stood at 7-2.

The final chukka brought little respite for SafeRock as Nick Clague again dominated play with a lovely shot on goal for his seventh goal of the match. Ollie Hancock fought back valiantly for SafeRock, adding a third goal to the tally, but it was an uphill battle as Nick Clague once again scored for Stonehurt before the final whistle. Stonehurst rode to victory with a winning score of 9-3.

A delighted William Roberts accepted the May 4 Goal Spring Cup from Jenai Clague. The X-Zony Best Playing Pony rug was awarded to Ginger, owned and played by Ben Sim.

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