Eight teams entered the Barrett Cup tournament at Cowdray Park with Bamboleo and Trefoil both making their way to the Final which took place at Ambersham on Sunday 19th May.

Beanie Bradley (1) wore the number 1 shirt for Bamboleo with Maya Staubach-Benteler (0) at number 2, Nick Johnson (4) at 3 and Josh Cork (3) in the Back position. For Trefoil, Jonathan Gates (0) was positioned at number 1, with Mariano Dalponte (1) at 2, Harry Muddle (3) at 3 and Glenn Sherriff (4) at Back.

A close first chukka began with much of the action taking place in the center of the field before an opening goal by Glenn Sherriff put Trefoil on the board. Despite strong defensive play from Bamboleo it was not long before Sherriff scored his second goal taking his team firmly into the lead. In what proved to be a very hard-fought chukka, Nick Johnson was first to score for Bamboleo before Sherriff replied with his third goal of the match. As the whistle sounded on the first chukka the score sat at 3-1 to Trefoil.

Nick Johnson entered the second chukka with vigor, hustling for the ball and scoring his second goal for Bamboleo withing minutes. Glenn Sherriff replied with another brilliant shot on goal to take his team further into the lead with four goals to two on the board, but it wasn’t long before Nick Johnson retaliated with his third goal to close the gap before the half time whistle sounded.

With the score set at 4-3 to Trefoil entering the third chukka, there was all to play for as the teams returned to the field. Continuing his scoring streak, Sherriff’s fifth goal of the match came as welcome relief from a tense chukka with great defense on both sides. As the teams entering the fourth and final chukka 5-3 to Trefoil, there were still plenty of chances for Bamboleo to close the gap. Despite the best efforts of Josh Cork to defend, Harry Muddle was able to slip the ball between the posts for Trefoil’s sixth goal of the match before Sherriff widened the goal difference even further. With the score now at 7-3 to Trefoil, hope was fading for Bamboleo as the fourth chukka neared conclusion. Nick Johnson was once again successful in a last minute shot on goal bringing a fourth goal for Bamboleo, but the final whistle sounded with the score and the win in favour of Trefoil 7-4.

Prize giving took place at the Ambersham Clubhouse, with Jonathan Gates stepping down from the podium to receive the Barrett Cup from Jane Bradstock-Smith. The X-Zony rug for the Best Playing Pony was presented to Eskimo, played and owned by Glenn Sheriff.

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