Six teams entered the first high-goal tournament of the season at Cowdray Park with Gold Cup Champions UAE Polo Team and Ferne Park both making their way to the Final which took place at Lawns on Monday 20th May.

Bridget Bower (0) wore the number 1 shirt for UAE with Teodore Lacau (7) at number 2, Lucas Monteverde Jnr (7) at 3 and 8-goaler Tomas Beresford in the Back position. For Ferne Park, Vier Rothermere (0) was positioned at number 1, with Christian Laprida (7) at 2, David Stirling (8) at 3 and Jaoquin Pittaluga (7) at Back.

An opening goal in the second minute of the first chukka by Lacau put UAE on the board in what was to be a close fought game. Joaquin Pittaluga equalized for Ferne Park before Tomas Beresford replied with two goals in succession to put the UAE ahead by two goals as the first chukka ended 3-1.

An early substitution for Ferne Park ensued following a fall for Laprida in the first chukka, bringing Marcos Araya into the match for the second chukka. Pittaluga equalized the score following a foul in the goal mouth by UAE. Ferne Park continued to dominate play with superb teamwork resulting in goals from Araya, Pittaluga and David Stirling, leaving no respite for the UAE side. Pulling back the score in spectacular fashion Ferne Park ended the second chukka with a comfortable lead over UAE Polo Team 7-3.

Determined to turn the tide for UAE, strong attacking play from Tomas Beresford lead to two successive goals for his side closing the gap to 7-5. It wasn’t long however before Ferne Park hustled the ball to achieve another goal for Pittaluga, swiftly followed by a ninth goal for the team from Marcos Araya. As the whistle sounded on the third chukka the score stood at 9-5 to Ferne Park.

In the fourth chukka, Ferne Park subbed Stirling out for Min Podesta following a fall. UAE came onto the field with renewed strength, Lucas Monteverde Jnr scoring twice withing the first few minutes to close the gap with Ferne Park. Unable to break the onslaught of UAE, Ferne Park failed to score in the fourth chukka while UAE delivered goals from Lacau and Beresford to take the lead by one goal at the end of the chukka.

The fifth chukka began with the score at 10-9 to UAE. Once again, Beresford delivered with a goal for UAE before challenges from Pittaluga and Podesta resulted in Ferne Park drawing level. As the teams concluded the penultimate chukka the scores sat at 11 apiece with all to play for.

A hard-fought final chukka ensued with Pittaluga scoring for Ferne Park to take the lead. Despite continued teamwork and attacks from Ferne Park, UAE’s Tomas Beresford managed to turn the tide in his teams favour with two final goals, handing the victory to UAE Polo Team at the final whistle with only one goal in it as the scoreboard stood at 13-12.

Tomas Beresford stepped down from the podium to receive the Trippetts Challenge Cup from the Marchioness of Milford Haven. The Cowdray rug for the Best Playing Pony was presented to Coco, played by Joaquin Pittaluga.

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