Of the 6 teams who entered this 6-goal tournament it was Orson Clarke’s Tancredi Minerals and SafeRock facing off in the Final to win the Jubilee Cup at Ambersham on Saturday 11th May.

Orson Clarke (-1) wore the number 1 shirt for Tancredi Minerals with Federico Talge (1) at number 2, Leon Donoso (3) at 3 and Maximiliano Fernandez in the Back position. SafeRock rode out with Alice Brigitte Boher (0) in position 1, alongside Duncan Hotston (1) at 2, Harry Revell (2) at 3 and Matt Evetts (3) at Back.

As the sun shone down on Ambersham, SafeRock took control of play early in the Final. Harry Revell scored two consecutive goals, putting Tancredi Minerals on the back foot as SafeRock prevented them from getting on the board by the end of the first chukka.

The second chukka began with a renewed zeal in the Trancredi Minerals side, as Federico Talge and Leon Donoso traded goals to place their side just in the lead with 2 ½ goals to 2. Before the half time whistle, Federico Talge once again scored for Tancredi Minerals to solidify their goal difference as the scored read 3 ½ – 2.

The third chukka saw a determined Leon Donoso hustle for possession to score his second goal of the match, widening the gap between the teams. However their lead was challenged swiftly by Harry Revell who retaliated with a lovely shot on goal for SafeRock, bringing his team back within reach of the win. The trading of goals continued throughout the third chukka as Leon Donoso once again scored for Tancredi Minerals before Matt Evetts replied with a goal of his own. As the umpire called time on the third chukka, the score sat at 5 ½ – 4 with all to play for in the fourth and final chukka.

Possession continued to switch back and forth however, it was Leon Donoso who was able to maintain possession and run the ball to goal to put Tancredi Minerals ahead by another goal. Despite strong defense from SafeRock, Leon Donoso managed to bring home his fifth goal this game, taking Tancredi Minerals safely into the lead with 7 ½ to 4 on the board. Unwilling to concede defeat, Matt Evetts fought back with a fantastic goal at the end of the final chukka, but it was not enough to level the score, leaving Tancredi Minerals to ride to victory with a final score of 7 ½ to 5.

A delighted Leon Donoso was presented with the Jubilee Cup by Paige Fernandez before celebrating on the podium with the rest of the Tancredi Minerals team. The X-Zony rug for Best Playing Pony was presented to Spi Sequaz played and owned by Leon Donoso.

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