Park Place

Andrey Borodin’s Park Place makes its return appearance in the Gold Cup. Borodin rides out at number 1, joined by Juan Britos (8 goals) at 2 and Hilario Ulloa (10 goals) in the number 3 shirt. Matias Gonzalez (4) completes the team at Back.

UAE Polo Team

H. H. Sheikha Maitha brings her UAE Polo Team to compete in the Gold Cup for a fourth consecutive year, having raised the coveted trophy in last year’s Final against Dubai Polo Team. H. H. Sheikha Maitha is positioned at number 1, with 7-goaler Lucas Monteverde Jnr at number 2 and Teodoro Lacau (7 goals) […]


A familiar face in the UK High Goal, French patron Hugues Carmignac makes his return appearance in the Cowdray Gold Cup with his team Talandracas. This year, 10-goaler Pablo Pieres plays at number 3 alongside Alejandro Muzzio (7 goals) at Back and Rosendo Torreguitar (5 goals) at 2. Carmignac himself wears the number 1 shirt. […]


Justin MacRae takes the number 1 position for Valhalla this high goal season, with Jack Richardson (6 goals) at 2 and Benjamin Panelo (7 goals) in position 3. Alfredo Capella (8 goals) will play at Back.


Patron Haider Bangash rides out for his team in position 1, joined by teammates Tomas Fernandez Llorente (8 goals) and Guillermo Terrera (7 goals) in the number 2 and 3 shirts respectively. At Back, 7-goaler Martin Podesta completes the line-up for the Cowdray Gold Cup tournament.

La Dolfina Murus Sanctus

French patron Corinne Ricard returns to the Gold Cup for her seventh year.  Ricard will wear the number 1 shirt with 7-goaler Alfredo Bigatti at number 2. Marcos Araya (6 goals) will be at position number 3 with Adolfo Cambiaso (9 goals) at Back.

Sujan Indian Tigers

Jaisal Singh’s Sujan Indian Tigers will see Matt Perry (6 goals) take the number 2 position, alongside 7-goaler Rufino Bensadon at 3. Singh himself will play in position 1 and the line-up is completed by Juan Martin Zubia (8 gaols) at Back.

La Magdeleine

Fresh from raising the Jack Gannon trophy, Alexandre Garese’s La Madeleine returns to the field, with Garese in position 1, alongside teammates Facundo Fernandez-Llorente (8 goals) at 2 and 8-goaler Jeronimo del Carril at 3. Santiago Laborde (6 goals) rides out for La Magdeleine at Back.

La Dolfina Great Oaks

Dillon Bacon makes his return bid for the Gold Cup having come close in 2020 in a tough Final against Next Generation. Kian Hall (3 goals) plays in the number 2 shirt with Bacon himself at 1. Diego Cavanagh (8 goals) is positioned at number 3 with 9-goaler Adolfo Cambiaso Jnr playing at Back.

Ferne Park

Jonathan Rothermere rides out for Ferne Park in the number 1 position, alongside Cristian Laprida (7 goals) in position 2 and 8-goaler David Stirling in the number 3 shirt. The team is completed by Joaquin Pittaluga (7 goals) playing at Back.