Bryan Bethell Cup Win for Jolly Roger King of Polo/ Trinity Polo Stud

The Bryan Bethell Cup, founded in memory of Bryan Bethell former player and master of the horse, saw Jolly Roger King of Polo/ Trinity Polo Stud (Jolly Roger) take on DJ Cats, on Saturday the 15th of June. 

Dane Csaszar (3) played in 1 for Jolly Roger, with Matt Perry (6) at 2, English 6-goaler James Beim at 3, and Niclas Johansson (0) at Back. David Turner (0) wore the number 1 shirt for his DJ Cats team, with Jose Ramon Araya (5) at 2, Jimbo Fewster (5) at 3, and Australian 5-goaler Jake Daniels at Back.  

The 15-goal final saw high scoring from both teams however an outstanding display of teamwork by Jolly Roger saw them come out victorious over DJ Cats 11 goals to 9.  

The first chukka saw strong play from both teams with an opening goal from Daniels followed by an equalizer from Perry, however two further goals from Csaszar left Jolly Roger leading 3-2 at the end of the first. The second chukka saw a similar pattern with two additional goals for each team, by Perry and Daniels.  However, the third saw a change in tide for Jolly Roger with three further goals, in addition to amazing defence to prevent DJ Cats from making an advance, leaving them leading 8 goals to 4 at halftime.  

Daniels strongly opened the fourth chukka for DJ Cats with two goals, but despite this push, Jolly Roger continued their advancement with a further goal by Beim. The final chukka saw a huge effort by DJ Cats to catch their opposition with three further goals, but despite their efforts the unstoppable Jolly Roger’s couldn’t be caught up, finishing with a three-goal lead.  

Niclas Johansson stepped down to collect the Bryan Bethell Cup for Jolly Roger, presented by Inez Bethell. The X-Zony Best Playing Pony Rug was presented to James Beim’s ‘Bam Bam’ for his outstanding performance in the game. 

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