Jersey Lilies Victory for Hickstead

Saturday 15th June saw Hickstead face FWP & Co in the Jersey Lilies Final.  

A restructured team for Hickstead in the final meant Pedro Ferrero (2) rode out at 1, Pedro Sola (0) at 2, Leon Donoso (3) at 3, and John Bunn (1) at Back. For FWP & Co Fin Jones (0) rode out at 1, Zoe Reader (1) a 2, Rufus Uloth (2) at 3, and Marcus Cork (3) filling in for Nick Clague at Back.  

The Final took place on a Windy Ambersham 1 with tremendous efforts by both teams, however a strong performance by Hickstead secured them the victory 7-4.  Young Leon Donoso had a strong start to the first chukka scoring the first two opening goals, with Cork adding a goal for FWP & Co to establish them on the leaderboard. Donoso continued to dominate in the second chukka with a further two goals, with teammate Sola also adding to their goal tally, going into the second half 5-1 for Hickstead.  

The third chukka saw no change with Donoso and Sola both adding a goal for Hickstead, despite a successful penalty by Cork, with the score at 7-2 going into the final chukka, In the last FWP & Co had a strong final push with Cork and Reader adding two additional goals, however it wasn’t quite enough to catch Hickstead’s 7 goals. 

A delighted John Bunn came forward to collect the Jersey Lilies Cup from Ian Kettlewell, with Bunn also collecting the X-Zony Best Playing Pony Rug for his horse Rollo.  

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