Stonehurst Take the June 4 Goal Cup

The June 4 goal final held on the 23rd June saw Stonehurst come up against Todham Farm in front of a busy crowd on Lawns 3. 

Dominic Jones (0) rode out at 1 for Stonehurst, with William Roberts (0) at 2, Nick Clague (3) at 3, and Ben Sim (1) at Back. Francesca Townend (-1) wore the number 1 shirt for Todham Farm, with young 1-goaler Teo Zevaoglu at 2, Boyd Allen (1) at 3, and Ollie Cork (4) at Back.  

The final saw strong efforts by both teams but Stonehurst’s dominating performance left them victorious over Todham Farm, 8.5 goals to 4.   

Stonehurst started as they meant to go on, with an opening goal by Sim in followed by an outstanding hattrick of goals by Clague, leaving Stonehurst up 4.5-0 going into the second. In the second chukka there wasn’t much change with a further goal by Sim and an excellent goal by Stonehurst number 1 Jones, however Todham Farm managed to put themselves on the leaderboard following a successful penalty conversion by Cork.  

After a half-time break, a freshly rested Todham Farm came back with force, with Cork scoring three goals to put themselves back into contention, but another goal by Sim meant Stonehurst still led 7.5 goals to 4 going into the last. The Final chukka saw Stonehurst continue their impressive form with strong defence to prevent any further goals by Todham Farm, and a brilliant closing goal by Jones to leave Stonehurst victorious. 

A delighted William Roberts stepped forward to collect the June 4 Goal Cup from Hermione Clague. And the X-Zony Best Playing Pony Rug was presented to ‘Wifi’, owned and played by Ben Sim.   

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