La Magdeleine raise the Jack Gannon Trophy 

The Jack Gannon trophy was fought out in front of a bustling crowd gathered to watch Marques De Riscal take on La Magdeleine, on the 30th June at Lawns 2. 

Alejandro Aznar (0) rode out at 1 for his own Marques de Riscal team, with Chris Mackenzie (6) at 2, Guillermo Caset (9) at 3, and 7-goaler Santiago Cernadas at Back. For La Magdeleine 0-goaler Matt Kenna subbed in for Alexandre Garese (0) at 1, Facundo Fernandez-Llorente (8) rode out at 2, Jeronimo del Carril (8) at 3, and Santiago Laborde (6) at Back.   

The action-packed first chukka saw great play by both teams, with an opening goal by Caset for Marques de Riscal, which was quickly reciprocated by Llorente and del Carril for La Magdeleine, however another brilliant goal by Caset and Aznar meant Marques de Riscal went into the second chukka ahead 3-2. A goalless second chukka and a further goal in the third for Caset meant Marques De Riscal led 4 goals to 2 going into half-time.  

A goal by Cernadas opened the fourth chukka, however a rested La Magdeleine came back with force to respond with an unbelievable 4 goals to put them ahead 6-5. The fifth was no different with La Magdeleine continuing their goal-scoring streak with two goals by del Carril and Llorente. The last chukka opened with a final push from Marques de Riscal to try and grasp back victory with two goals by Caset, however two further goals by the unstoppable del Carril and Llorente secured victory for their La Magdeleine side, 10 goals to 7.  

Jonathan Russel CEO of Cowdray Estate presented the Jack Gannon Trophy to a delighted Matt Kenna, who accepted the Trophy on behalf of Alexandre Garese.  

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