General Information


Cowdray Park is recognised worldwide as the ‘Home of British Polo’ and is one of the busiest clubs in the world with over 450 matches played annually, the highlight of the season being the British Open Polo Championship for the Cowdray Gold Cup. “The aim of the Club shall be to foster and encourage the game of Polo.”​

Health and Safety at Cowdray Park

We very much hope that you will enjoy your day at Cowdray Park Polo Club, where accidents are very rare BUT polo is a dangerous sport. Neither CPPC nor the Cowdray Estate can accept any responsibility for injuries to persons or property on our grounds. The following safety rules must be observed:-

  • Please ensure that you watch the movement of the ball during play at all times and keep yourselves, friends and family out of the safety zone area.
  • Please ensure you supervise your children who will not be as diligent as you.
  • Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times.
  • All guest access to the pony lines, lorry parking areas and agricultural machinery is strictly forbidden.
  • Alcohol may only be consumed by those over the age of eighteen.
  • Private barbecues are not allowed.
  • Vehicles are admitted on condition that Cowdray Park Polo Club shall not be liable for damage to any vehicle, anything in or on or about any vehicle howsoever such a loss or damage may be caused.
  • Anyone who is judged to be putting themselves or others at risk in any manner may be asked to leave the ground by the officials of the club.
    The Rules and Bylaws of the Club are printed separately and are sent to Members. The Rules of the Hurlingham Polo Association (HPA), the Governing Body of Polo, are contained in the Blue Book published annually by the HPA. All members of the HPA will be sent their Blue Book directly from the HPA.

Maps of the grounds

Ambersham & Brooks Field Polo Grounds
Lawns & River Polo Grounds
Map & Access Roads