Cheds Victorious in Farewell Cup Final


In the final game of the season, Maiz Dulce took on Cheds in the Farwell Cup final and goals were well spread across each chukka from both sides. A game of cat and mouse in the first two chukkas was finally broken by Will Emerson in the third. A superb run of four goals from Emerson put Cheds firmly in the lead with 7 goals to three as they entered the final chukka. It was a tightly fought match in which Cheds secure their win with a final goal by Lottie Lamacraft to end the game 6-8 in their favour.

The Farewell Cup was presented to the delighted winners by Edwina Robinson.

The Xzony Best Playing Pony rug was awarded to Aventura played by Will Emerson.


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