A Fight For The Holden White Cup

Commemorating American journalist and polo player, Windsor Holden White, the Holden White Cup was played for by finalists Limitless/ Delaney Polo Team and Strategic Help for Heroes on Sunday 6th August across four fast paced chukkas.

Lucho Aguirre took his team straight into the lead with three goals in the first chukka, before Mancini scored a forth to widen the gap further despite Matt Evetts’ efforts in the second chukka. By the end of the third chukka Lucho Aguirre had once again pushed his team forward with two more goals to Matt Evetts’ one, creating a four goal lead for Limitless/ Delaney Polo Team.

In an extraordinary turn of fortunes, Strategic Help for Heroes closed the gap with three goals in a row, but it wasn’t enough to take the lead with the final score landing at 6-5 to Limitless/Delaney Polo Team.  

The Holden White Cup was presented to Rashid El-Ashkar by Inez Bethall.

MVP was awarded to Lucho Aguirre by Inez Bethall.

The No.3 Gin Pursuit of Perfection Best Playing pony rug was awarded to Fachera, played by Lucho Aguirre and presented by Inez Bethall.


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