An impressive ten teams entered the Club’s ultimate 4-goal contest of the season, The Park House Cup, with Thursday Thinking Digital meeting Marco Vignali’s La Dolce Vita in the Final on Ambersham 1 on the afternoon of Sunday 11th September.  

La Dolce Vita, who were competing in their impressive fifth 4-goal final of the season with 2-2 win/loss ratio, were first onto the board with a goal from Angus Rowan Hamilton to be followed up by Josh Cork to give La Dolce Vita a two-goal lead. However, a foul gave Cody Jones the chance to concede a 60-yard penalty opportunity to produce a score of 2-1 in favour of La Dolce Vita at the end of the first chukka.

As the second chukka got underway, Rowan Hamilton was given an opportunity to score from a spot hit to give La Dolce Vita another two-goal lead which increased to a three-goal lead following a field goal by Beanie Bradley. However, foul trouble gave Cody Jones another chance to successfully convert a penalty, this time in the form of a Safety 60, to put Thursday Thinking Digital back within two with a score of 4-2 by half time.

As the second half of the match got underway, it was young Beanie Bradley who was in hot pursuit of the goalmouth to score the sixth goal of the game for La Dolce Vita, pushing them ahead by three goals once again. Sam Morris-Warburton was able to score to close the gap momentarily to two goals, however a Thursday Thinking Digital foul gave Rowan Hamilton a chance to concede a 30-yard penalty to end the chukka on a score of 6-3 in favour of La Dolce Vita.

Despite trailing by three at the start of the fourth chukka, Thursday Thinking Digital came back fighting for the match and it was Sam Morris-Warburton who found form to score two consecutive goals from the field to put them within one. A foul by La Dolce Vita then gave a Cody Jones the chance to level the score to 6-all by converting a 30-yard penalty, pushing the game into extra time as the final bell sounded. Despite a strong come back by Thursday Thinking Digital, La Dolce Vita held onto the match, and it was Josh Cork who sealed the 7-6 win for La Dolce Vita.

Marco Vignali stepped down from the podium to receive The Park House Cup (his third 4-goal trophy of the season) from his girlfriend, Elizabeth. Molly, played and owned by Beanie Bradley, was presented with the X-Zony Best Playing Pony rug.

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