Gallagher raise Midsummer and Limitless secure Brecknock

The final for the Club’s penultimate 12-goal tournament of 2022 took place on Lawns 2 on Saturday 20th August with Clare Milford Haven’s Gallagher taking on Christian Staubach’s Bambaleo. Clare Milford Haven wore the number 1 shirt for Gallagher with Will Drewitt at number 2, 6-goaler Michel Del Carril at 3 and Bautista Sorzana (5 goals) at Back. Christian Staubach was positioned at number 1 for Bambaleo alongside Ben Crowe at 2. John Martin (3 goals) subbed for an injured Nick Johnson at 3 and James Beim was positioned at Back.  

In a closely fought contest, Gallager retained the upper hand from the get-go as young Will Drewitt and Michel Del Carril scored the first two goals of the game between them to give Gallagher a momentary two goal lead. However, foul trouble for Gallagher gave James Beim an opportunity to successfully convert a 40-yard penalty to put Bambaleo on the board. The chukka ended with a score of 2-1 in favour of Gallagher. John Martin retained momentum for Bambaleo, shooting for goal to level the score to 2-all. However, persistent Sorzana, despite missing a couple of attempts, scored twice for Gallagher giving them a 4-2 lead by half time.

Following the half time break and tread-in of the field, Beim struck again for Bambaleo to put them back within one goal. However, the close deficit was short-lived as Sorzana scored once more to produce another two-goal lead for Gallagher, ending the third chukka on a score of 5-3 in their favour. Ben Crowe scored the first goal of the fourth and final chukka for Bambaleo to put them back within one, however Gallagher pulled away yet again as Michel Del Carril scored the final goal of the game. The final whistle sounded with the scoreboard reading 6-4 in favour of Gallagher.

Clare Milford Haven was delighted to receive the Midsummer 12-Goal Cup from Matthew Pike and the X-Zony Best Playing Pony rug was presented to Gigolo, played and owned by James Beim.

Ten teams entered the Club’s penultimate 8-goal contest of the season for The Brecknock Cup which saw Rashid El-Ashkar’s team Limitless take on Innovent in a close final on Ambersham 3 on Sunday 21st August. Beanie Bradley wore the number 1 shirt for Innovent with Rufus Uloth at 2, Terence Lent at 3 and Nick Clague at Back. For Limitless, Rashid El-Ashkar took the number 1 position alongside Rufino Merlos at 2, Oscar Mancini at 3 and Lucho Aguirre at Back.

The first chukka of the game represented a relatively slow start with few opportunities at goal created by either team as possession switched back and forth in the centre of the field. Rufino Merlos was the first onto the scoreboard for Limitless as finding himself unmarked, he picked up a pass backed by Oscar Mancini 30-yards out and swiftly tapped the ball between the posts. The chukka ended on a score of 1-0 in favour of Limitless.

Limitless retained possession in their attacking half, however the Innovent defence was proving hard to break through with several shots at goal heading wide. Persistent teamwork between Mancini and Aguirre gave Aguirre an opportunity to shoot for goal to put Limitless ahead by two as Innovent remained scoreless. However, Terence Lent finally broke through with the ball to put Innovent on the board. Rufino Merlos was unable to get the height on a 60-yard penalty attempt in favour of Limitless, however a foul by Innovent in the goalmouth gave Aguirre the chance to tap the ball through just inches from the goalmouth giving Limitless a momentary three goal lead. A determined Lent closed the deficit placing the ball between the posts with a bold and lofty cut shot. However, moments later an Innovent foul resulted in a 40-yard penalty attempt being awarded to Limitless which was successfully converted by Aguirre to end the chukka on a score of 4-2 in favour of Limitless. Following the halftime break, Innovent retained the upper hand throughout the third chukka as Lent produced the only goal to put his team within one goal. Limitless were leading by one at the start of the fourth and final chukka and it was the youngsters who shone for both teams with Rufino Merlos scoring his team’s fifth goal of the match. A successful attempt by Rufus Uloth put Innovent back within one, however they were not able concede again. Limitless held onto their one goal advantage as the final whistle blew, winning the game 5-4. Rashid El-Ashkar stepped forward to receive the trophy from Claudia Aguirre and the X-Zony Best Playing Pony rug was awarded to Porcia, played by Rufino Merlos and owned by Tincho Merlos.

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