Ten teams entered the Club’s fourth 12-goal of the season, The Texaco Trophy, with the now familiar faces of Creighton Boyd and his Confido teammates meeting David Turner’s DJ Cats in the Final on Saturday 2nd July on Ambersham 1.

Ed Hitchman (4 goals) wore the number 1 shirt for Confido with Creighton Boyd positioning himself at 2, Rosendo Torreguitar (4 goals) at 3 and South African 3-goaler Shaun Brokensha at Back. For DJ Cats, Hannah Parry-Jones subbed in for David Turner in the number 1 position, alongside 5-goaler Jake Daniels at 2, Eden Ormerod (3 goals) at 3 and Tommy Marin-Moreno (4 goals) at Back.

The opening seven minutes of the game produced a scoreless first chukka with neither team able to quite able to find their rhythm or concede a goal. However, the team in green found form as the second chukka got under way with Rosendo Torreguitar putting Confido onto the board. Two further successful runs to goal from Hitchman and another by Torreguitar gave Confido a 4-0 lead as the first half of the game came to a close.

Torreguitar continued on his scoring spree to give Confido five unanswered goals with DJ Cats under pressure to respond. Foul trouble resulted in a 40-yard penalty opportunity being awarded to DJ Cats which was successfully converted by Jake Daniels who then followed up with a goal from the field to put DJ Cats firmly on the scoreboard, albeit still reading 5-2 in favour of Confido. By the start of the fourth, DJ Cats had found their form as Tommy Marin-Moreno scored to put them within two goals, however Hitchman broke away to stretch the Confido advantage back to three goals once again. Within the last few minutes of the game Daniels scored to end the game on a score of 6-4 in favour of Confido.

For a second consecutive year, Creighton Boyd was delighted to receive the Texaco Trophy, a stunning silver horse, for Confido from his wife Charlotte. The X-Zony Best Playing Pony rug was awarded to Violet Mist played by Rosendo Torreguitar and owned by Alan Kent.

In the Sub Final, Sally Turner’s CPG defeated Sumaya 6-5 in a close game.


On Sunday 3rd July, Gould were victorious against Cowdray Vikings to secure the 6-goal Heyshott Cup on Ambersham 2 in a close match ending on a score of 7-7.5. The X-Zony Best Playing Pony rug was presented to Indiana owned by Jose Donoso and played by his son Leon.

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