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What a spectacular 2020 Gold Cup!

Adolfo Cambiaso has won over 100 tournaments in his career . The 2020 Gold Cup will be one to remember as he played with his 14 year old son Poroto, the youngest player to win it. Adolfo defeated his nephews 18 year old, Barto and 17 year old, Jeta Castagnola – last year’s winners.

There were a number of good games in the tournament, one being the young Thai Polo team beating Facundo and Gonzalito Pieres of Park Place in the league stage. The two semi-finals were both exceptional games and could have gone either way. 26 goals were scored in the final and Adolfo showed why his is still the best playing in the world!

All the games are still online and available to watch using one of the packages below.

Roderick Vere Nicoll,

Chairman of Cowdray Park Polo Club
July 27th, 2020

01 July 12:00 PM Les Lions/Great Oaks vs Next Generation

01 July 3:00 PM Park Place vs Park Place Vaara

02 July 12:00 PM Monterosso vs Thai Polo NW

02 July 3:00 PM Polo Stud Schockemöhle vs Scone

05 July 12:00 PM Les Lions/Great Oaks vs Scone

05 July 3:00 PM Polo Stud Schockemöhle vs Park Place Vaara

06 July 12:00 PM Monterosso vs Next Generation

06 July 3:00 PM Park Place vs Thai Polo NW

09 July 12:00 PM Les Lions/Great Oaks vs Park Place Vaara

09 July 3:30 PM Park Place vs Next Generation

10 July 12:00 PM Monterosso vs Scone

10 July 3:00 PM Polo Stud Schockemöhle vs Thai Polo NW

14 July Park Place vs Scone

14 July Polo Stud Schockemöhle vs Next Generation

15 July Monterosso vs Park Place Vaara

15 July Les Lions/Great Oaks vs Thai Polo NW

18 July Team Ranked 3 v Team Ranked 6

18 July Team Ranked 4 v Team Ranked 5

18 July Team Ranked 4 v Team Ranked 5


22 July 12.00 pm  Match 3 Park Place Vaara v Next Generation  

22 July 4.00 pm Match 4 Park Place  v Les Lions / Great Oaks


26 July 3:00 PM Les Lions / Great Oaks vs Next Generation

Thai Polo NW

1.Ned Hine 3
2. Jack Richardson 6
3. Juan Martin Zubia 7
4. Rodrigo Rueda 6



1. David Paradice 0
2. Ollie Cudmore 6
3. Nico Pieres 9
4. James Harper 7


Polo Stud Schockemöhle

1. Echard Jules 0
2. Patrick Maleitzke 4
3. Jaime Huidobro 7
4. Diego Cavanagh 8


Park Place Vaara

1. Zac Beim 1
2. Will Harper 3
3. Juan Britos 8
4. Hilario Ulloa 10


Park Place

1. Andrey Borodin 0
2. Kian Hall 3
3. Gonzalito Pieres 9
4. Facundo Pieres 10


Next Generation

1. Jean-Francois Decaux 0
2. David Stirling 9
3. Adolfo Cambiaso Jnr 4
4. Adolfo Cambiaso 10



1. Alessandro Bazzoni 0
2. Guillermo Terrera 8
3. Ignacio Toccalino 8
4. Jeronimo del Carril 6


Les Lions/Great Oaks

1. Camilo Castagnola 7
2. Dillon Bacon 2
3. Bartolome Castagnola 7
4. Santiago Laborde 6

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